Official HK Distributor

RedWolf Airsoft is the Sole Distributor of WileyX products to the Hong Kong Sporting Goods, Motorcyle and Optical markets.


Wiley X began manufacturing frames using cutting edge technology to bring you "perfect ocular clarity" as well as the "shatterproof confidence". The Wiley X Extreme Eyewear is designed to be stylish, protective and more than a little edgy. The company’s slogan “Welcome to the X-zone” refers to functionality under extreme conditions as well as high performance standards. Thick Shatterproof, selenite, polycarbonate lenses define the ballistic qualities of our many styles. All these lenses provide UV 400nm, total protection from the sun and are die-cut from large blanks eliminating the distortion found in other sunglass models.

Wiley X by Protective Optics was born in 1986 to produce “ballistic” eyegear for U.S. Military Special Forces and Law Enforcement agencies nationwide.

Shatterproof, selenite, polycarbonate lenses define the ballistic qualities of our many styles. Some models have been tested to withstand a 12 gauge shotgun blast from 10 yards away helping us to gain not only national but international notoriety. Because we’ve produced such a reliable, trustworthy product over the years, we’re currently a standard issue item with the F.B.I., D.E.A., Army Rangers, Navy Seal Teams and Military Special Forces.

In 1990, the President and co-founder of Wiley X by Protective Optics began to take the company in a different direction. He started to focus on the need for good, quality, shatterproof eye gear in various retail markets where “impact resistance” is most important.

Wiley X has since taken a vigorous approach to promoting and advertising in these markets and has gained tremendous recognition supplying eyewear accessories to custom motorcycle shops, general sporting goods, sports shooting, golf, sunglass and extreme sports retailers across the country to name a few. The impact made in these industries alone has helped us establish our name as an up and coming force in the retail world at large.